How to Move Stuff Quickly in Order to Sell a House

If you’re a Realtor trying to list a house for your sellers, you know it’s important to make the house look as good as possible but sometimes you wonder how to move stuff quickly in order to sell a house fast. Part of that involves reducing any clutter, so everything can be staged. Coupled with a really good cleaning and any minor repairs that need to be made, getting extra items out of the house can make a huge difference in how buyers feel in the space. Naturally, the better they feel in the home, the more likely they are to buy it. Here’s how to move stuff quickly in order to sell a house for your clients.

Make a Plan for What Goes and What Stays

Your clients probably have a good idea of what they want to take with them when they move to their new home. But they might not be sure what to do with all the other things they don’t want. If there are larger pieces of furniture, selling them can help provide money for the move. The same is true with smaller items, especially if those items are valuable or unique. When you work with your clients on selling their homes, getting them listed and sold fast will require getting those extra items out of the way.

Explain the Importance of a Staged Home

It’s also very important to make sure your clients understand why they should have a cleaner and less cluttered home. If they’ve sold homes before they might already be aware of the value of staging. Explaining it to clients who aren’t familiar with it can help them get on board with the idea. By making sure they understand that staging could mean a faster sale and a potentially higher price, you can encourage them to get extra stuff out of their home faster. But many clients still won’t be sure how to do that.

Work With an Estate Sale Company to Move Stuff Quickly in Order to Sell a House

Putting your clients in touch with an estate sale company is the best way to help those clients move stuff quickly, so you can work to get their homes sold. Estate sale companies don’t just handle the items of people who have passed away. They also work with others who have items to sell, and who need to get those items out of their homes quickly. By suggesting an estate sale company to your clients, you’ll be making it easier for them to get items out of their homes, so any cleaning and staging can be done before listing.

Another way an estate sale company helps your clients is by reducing stress. Especially for clients who have a lot of things to sell before listing, trying to get that all done can seem overwhelming. It may delay the listing of the home, and cause your clients to have second thoughts just because of the sure magnitude of the work they’re expecting to have to do. But an estate sale company can handle all of that for them, so they can just focus on the excitement of their home sale and upcoming move.

The Bottom Line for Your Clients… Sell A House

Using an estate sale company is the way to go when clients need to quickly sell their homes. Nearly everything they aren’t taking with them to their new home can be sold through the company, so you can get their house listed as quickly as possible. An uncluttered house may also encourage more buyers to come and take a look, which could lead to a faster sale for your clients.


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