Estate Sale Affiliate Program

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If you’re a successful Orlando realtor, real estate company, real estate YouTuber, or real estate social media influencer, there’s a strong chance you can increase your monthly earnings through our estate sale affiliate program. It is often the simplest way for realtors to monetize even more on their clients, or audience, regardless of which marketing channel you specialize in, be it search, social, or video content.

In this guide, we outline our estate sale affiliate program. You will be glad to know that we offer the highest paying affiliate program for this kind of thing, in fact, we may be the only estate sale company in Orlando doing this. If you sell homes in Central Florida, there is extra money to be made through our affiliate program, without you having to do any extra work on your end.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

At a high level, affiliate marketing is simply the process of recommending other people’s products through a digital channel or word of mouth and getting paid a percentage for each sale that you generate. In most cases, a tracking link will calculate how many sales, leads, or subscriptions you have generated for the company you have partnered with. It is also common for social media influencers to use a unique voucher code to help measure the sales that their channel has generated. currently runs the most popular affiliate program in America, but you will be glad to know that we run our own referral program too! The goal of this page is to highlight our estate sale program with concise explanations of:

  • How the affiliate program works
  • How much you can get paid as an affiliate
  • What kind of keywords to listen for when talking to your clients
  • How to sign up

How does the payment process work?

Simply put, every time you submit a lead for an estate sale, you get paid $5. The more referrals you generate, the more money you can make.

More importantly, if someone originates a sale with Orlando Estate Sale Ladies, you can get paid up to $500, depending on the estate sale amount. Very few affiliate programs pay more than a couple of hundred bucks for a completed sale. Orlando Estate Sale Ladies is one that does.

Here is how an affiliate amount is determined:

A small estate sale is roughly around $7,000. You, the affiliate would receive $200 after the completion of the sale. 

A large estate sale is roughly $15,000. You, the affiliate would receive $500 after the completion of the sale.

What keywords/phrases to look out for?

To maximize the leads that you generate, it would probably be a good idea to focus on some of the following keywords to determine if your client may consider an estate sale company.

  • Clients who are downsizing
  • Clients who don’t have family members to help move
  • If they need to sell their house and belongings as quickly as possible
  • If they are older and their kids are too far away to help 
  • Or if your client has family who have recently passed away