Are you a real estate agent in Orlando who is helping a client sell or acquire a home? If so, you may be surprised how an estate liquidation service like Orlando Estate Sales Ladies, LLC can help you. An estate liquidation company brings together every moving element of an estate sale.

The individuals working for us are experienced professionals who can liquidate the entire contents of a home within two days—putting cash in your buyers’ pockets and helping you close that sale.

Keep reading to know what we do and how we can help you.

What Happens In An Estate Sale

If you’re thinking of organizing an estate sale, we suggest you visit one first to get an idea. Typically, estate liquidators working for Orlando Estate Sales Ladies, LLC conduct a sale in this format:

  • They dispose of unsold items of a home quickly
  • They’re open to the public
  • They put several individually priced items are put on display
  • They take two to three days (or lesser)
  • They involve the sale of personal possessions
  • After the estate sale is complete, realtors can list the home for sale

Why Should A Real Estate Agent Hire An Estate Liquidator?

An estate sale isn’t something as simple as a garage sale. People can hire an estate liquidation service for several reasons, but the most prominent reason is their expertise with the process. The individuals working for us have the necessary knowledge which helps them liquidate the contents of a home.

We can facilitate an appraisal for a diverse collection of items to ensure everything clears out quickly. We’ll display the items throughout the house to get shoppers’ interest, which can stimulate them into making a purchase.

To provide brilliant customer service, we can also get additional sales associates or security guards if the items on sale are valuable. We have a wide professional network, allowing us to contact several different shoppers and advertise the sale on various media. During the estate sale, it is also our responsibility all the concerns that may arise. And after the sale has concluded, we arrange a pick-up for various paid-for large items so they can be shipped to the purchasers. And after everything’s said and done, if there are still any unsold items, we ensure that we get rid of them.

What An Estate Liquidation Service Isn’t

Estate Liquidation Service

Orlando Estate Sales Ladies, LLC has hired individuals who have a strong background in the liquidation industry. That said, we aren’t attorneys, meaning we can’t provide real estate agents advice on the legal aspects of an estate liquidation service.

Finally, it is also important to remember that some family members may be dealing with heavy emotions as they’re preparing to liquidate a family member’s home. While we are sympathetic, we aren’t skilled to handle emotional concerns either.