How Can An Estate Sales Benefit An Orlando Realtor?

How Can An Estate Sale Benefit An Orlando Realtor

If you work as a Realtor in Orlando, Florida, and have clients who are moving from a large home to an assisted living facility, an estate sale company can benefit an Orlando Realtor. The same is true for clients who are selling the home of a family member who has passed away, or who are just downsizing.

Many of the items in the home in both of those scenarios will need removed and can be sold. The sale of those items could help cover any fees or taxes to be paid on the sale of the home.

Encourage Clients to Work With an Estate Sale Company

Having an estate sale can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you encourage your clients to work with an estate sale company, most of the work will be done for them. That way they can focus on other matters, such as moving to another location or handling additional arrangements for a deceased loved one.

In both of those scenarios there can be a lot of stress, and knowing that the estate sale company is handling the items that need to be sold can reduce that stress significantly. There are some things to consider before hiring an estate sale company.

Showcase the Benefits That Can Come From an Estate Sale

When talking to your clients about working with an estate sale company, showcase all the benefits they can receive from doing that. Not only will they have more time to handle other things, but they won’t have as many decisions to make, either.

The company will categorize and price items, and work with the family to make sure everything they want to be sold, is being sold, and what they want to keep is being put aside for them.

If there are items that don’t fall into those categories, arrangements can be made for those things to be disposed of or donated, and in some cases, estate sale companies might even buy the rest of the items from your client. The family will still have control of the experience, so their wishes are honored, but they won’t have to deal with everything alone.

They’ll likely really appreciate your suggestion, and it can also make your job easier because you’ll be able to get their house listed and on the market. That way they can find a buyer, get their house sold and closed, and focus on what comes next.

Working With an Estate Sale Company Is Not a Complicated Process in Orlando

It’s easy to work with an estate company to get items sold when it’s time to move to an assisted living situation or there’s a loved one’s home that needs to be sold due to a death. As a Realtor, you can help your clients work with the right company and get the information, help, and support they need to move forward.

Whether they’re looking to move into assisted living, they need to downsize to a smaller place that’s easier to handle, or they need to sell a home that’s been left behind, there’s help available. You can make it easier for them, and get the house listed faster, by working with an estate sale company that can handle items that need to be sold with care and efficiency.


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